Comprehensive Links


This is a list of various sites and articles relating to gender-neutral pronouns from around the web.

If anyone knows of other relevant pages to add (especially for the “actual usage” section), feel free to drop a link in the comments section and I’ll look into it as soon as I can.


Great General Resources:

Gender-Neutral Pronoun FAQ: Explains what gender-neutral pronouns are and why current English words don’t cut it, and also gives a good overview of the most popular invented gender-neutral pronouns. The References page has an extensive list of resources listed, included printed works not listed here.

Wikipedia’s Gender-Neutral Pronoun Page: Gives a good overview of the problems and proposed solutions to English’s lack of an obvious singular gender-neutral pronoun.

The Epicene Pronouns: A Chronology of the Word That Failed: Lists scores of proposed pronouns, dated back to 1850. Needless to say, none have reached critical mass as of yet.



Genderfork: Genderfork is a website that explores gender variance through photography and user-generated profiles and discussions. One of the possible entries for the profile is “As far as third-person pronouns go, …” and the answers given are varied and thought-provoking.

English Speakers for a Gender Neutral Pronoun (Facebook): A Facebook group focusing more on the linguistic aspect of the problem.

The Gender Neutral Pronoun Project (Facebook): A Facebook group with more of a transsexual and genderqueer focus – that said, I don’t think there’s much difference between the two.

The Pronoun Project: A gender-neutral pronoun blog on blogspot, with a focus on the gender-variant and LGBT community of Bridgewater State College, but listing resources available to anyone.


More Links:

Actual Usage: Essays, stories, and other writings that use gender-free pronouns within their texts.

Media Attention: News articles and newspaper opinion pieces that devoted attention to epicene pronouns or contributed information on the subject.

Organized by Pronoun: All of the articles and websites linked to in this blog, organized by the pronoun they were dealing with.

Pronoun Perspectives: Articles comparing the merits of different sets of pronouns, and articles musing over the benefits and challenges related to using brand-new pronouns.

Related Information: Articles and websites related to gender-free language; asexed, transgender or ambiguously gendered people and characters; and the use of singular “they” as a general gender-neutral pronoun.


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