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Androgyny RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions): This FAQ (or RAQ, as the author calls it) gives interesting insight into androgyny and gender as a social construct.

Footnotes: Pronouns: The author compares several popular gender-free pronoun variants, including singular “they,” Spivak, and zie/hir; suggests a composite parsed ze/em/zeir; and concludes that using gender-free pronouns draws more attention to gender rather than less, and using gender-free language in general is more important than using gender-free pronouns alone.

Genderfork: Genderfork is a website that explores gender variance through photography and user-generated profiles and discussions. One of the possible entries for the profile is “As far as third-person pronouns go, …” and the answers given are varied and thought-provoking.

Person Paper on Purity in Language: Douglas Hofstadter writes a fictional essay set in a world where language is divided between not gendered lines, but racial ones, and his character scoffs at the thought of using race-neutral words. Deals more with the idea of sexist language than pronouns per se, but still a thought-provoking read.

Pronoun Trouble: TV Tropes documents, in its regular tongue-in-cheek fashion, various strategies used in fiction when dealing with gender-neutral characters or characters of unknown gender.


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